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Agricultural Profile  YongKangCity is located on the Chianan Plain.With a mild climate and excellent irrigation facilities, the area is ideal for agricultural and livestock development. The farmland area is 1,369.22 hectares. In the early years, the agricultural development was rather prosperous and the Yong Kang District was especially famous for rice and sugar cane. There was once a Yong Kang sugar factory and the quality of its cane sugar was considered the best in the nation. 

  In recent years, however, the sugar industry has withered and the industrial progress has boomed. The agricultural development also changed accordingly. In addition to the original crops of rice, corn and turnip, local farmers began to develop refined agriculture by growing high economic value crops. The cherry tomatoes of the Niaosong area have a unique flavor and are renown both locally and abroad. The cucumis melo and yellow watermelon of the Sanmin area are of excellent quality and flavor.  The newly developed floricultural industry also brings in new and profitable business opportunities to local farmers

  The farming industry covers large-scale pig farms, cattle ranches, milk goat farms, deer farms, and poultry farms that raise everything including chickens, ducks, geese and turkey.

  Dawan's peanut candies are made by a traditional method that results in a unique texture. They make excellent gifts for relatives or friends and have won significant fame.
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