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Traffic Network and Parks  A fast and efficient traffic network serves as the arterial veins of a city's vibes.  A thoughtfully planned traffic network provides interaction and exchange conducive to smooth operation of the city. As for parks and green spaces, they are the most important spots for leisure in the city. The greenery in parks not merely improves the city’s appearance, but also functions to purify the air. These two public constructions are intimately enjoyed by residents living in the city and considered as important indices of urban living quality.

  Roadways make up the majority of the YongKangCity traffic network, and the railways take on a supporting role. In regard to the roadway system, the National Freeway No.1 penetrates the city from north to south, while the north-south railway crosses the city from the northeast to the southwest as the axle of inter-city transportation. There is one Yong Kong Highway Interchange and two train stations – Yong Kang and Daciao – along the railway, which are the main stations for commuting to work and school.

The roads in the Yong Kang District can be categorized into the following levels by functions:

  1. Main external connection system: The main roads in the city form a rough grid structure. The east and westbound ones are Zhongzheng North (South) Road, the Zhongshan South (North) Road, and Fuxing (Dawan) Road. The north and southbound routes consist of Chunghua Road, Yongda Road, and Fuqiang Road (Wangxing Road), and the road widths are between 12 to 30 meters. These serve mainly the crossover traffic flows.
  2. City road system: Roads categorized in city road system include Fuguo Road, Zhongxiao Road, Zhongshan Road, Zhongzheng Road, and Zhenxing Road, with a road width of approximately between 12 and 20 meters. These serve as internal connector routes among parts of the district.
  3. Base entrance/exit road system: This consists of the numerous paths in the district that are narrower than 10m in width. They serve as the entrance or exit for various bases.

  Over the past few years, the District Hall has invested a substantial amount of resources in the development of roads. In the future, we will continue to actively apply for construction funding from the central and city governments, in an attempt to build a smoother and more convenient traffic network for the Yong Kang District.

  Seeing the lack of parks and green spaces in the Yong Kang District, the District Hall has placed much emphasis on planning and building parks and green spaces. Due to the fact that the previous urban development was oriented towards an industrial and satellite city of the Tainan metropolis, the acquisition and construction of parks and green spaces received less attention and therefore were not proportional to population growth. In view of this, the District Hall is now actively promoting the establishment of parks and green areas. Public facilities, such as softball field, basketball field, croquet field, detention pond, district footpaths, plazas, parking spaces, and public toilets are built at TiyiSportsPark (6.4 hectares) on the north side of National Freeway No.1. The tri-functional public property (4.62 hectares) at the end of Fuguo 1st Road still retains the original hill appearance of the old Yong Kang District and contains a fascinating wetlands habitat. The environment here is both quiet and pretty. Additionally, the experimental farm of the former TainanVocationalHigh School of agriculture works with the Affiliated Senior High School of National University of Tainan to develop an “Adventure and EducationalPark”. This park of approximately 6 hectares can be divided into two areas, namely park and adventure and educational camp and it is the biggest adventure and educational park in Taiwan. This park not only increases the proportion of green spaces in the Yong Kang District, but also breaks the stereotype of Yong Kang not having a major public park.

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