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  We have only one earth. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the district actively promotes garbage reorganizing, “Keep trash off the ground” program, kitchen waste recycling, and resources recycling. Leaders of the village and communities also actively form environmental protection volunteer teams to remind all residents to be guardians of the environment. The cleanness of the environmental must start from ourselves, so that the Yong Kang District will remain refreshing and neat.

  The District Hall puts 100% of its effort into maintaining the look of the district. An inspection team makes ticketing illegally posted ads a part of their routine tasks and at the same time promotes application for ads posting with posting fees. By means of punishment, the District Hall hopes that illegal ad posting could be effectively deterred. Moreover, trees are incorporated in the design of new streets. All these details work together to present a beautiful city view. The addition of community parks and greenery also provides the residents with a superior living environment and recreational spaces.
Environmental Protection
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