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1.Zhongzheng South (North) Road

  Starting north from the boundaries of Xinshi District and ending at Zhonghua Road, this road is part of Provincial Highway 1. In terms of its connectivity to the external routes, it is one of the major routes for others to access the Yong Kang District and TainanCity from other towns and cities in the north and the TainanCity. It is also a major connector to the Yong Kang interchange of the National Freeway No.1. As a regional route, it serves as a link between the highway and TainanCity for the residents, large warehouses, the Yong Kang Industrial Area, Zhongzheng Industrial Area, and the trailer trucks in the Asia-Pacific Industrial Area. Zhongzheng South (North) Road is a major south and northbound road on the west side of Yong Kang District.

2.Zhongshan South (North) Road

  This road connects to 2.Zhongshan Road of the Xinhua District in the north and to Kaiyuan Road of the North District in the south.It is the major route of Provincial Highway 20 that penetrates the Yong Kang District. As an external linking route, northbound traffic can access Xinhua, Yujing, Nanxi, and towns along the southern Cross-Island Highway of KaohsiungCity. Southbound traffic can enter downtown Tainan via Kaiyuan Road. In terms of its function as a local commuter's route, it serves as a major route for Wanliau, Erwang to access TainanCity and Xinhua. With regard to land usage along the way, in addition to mixed residential and commercial activities, there are major administrative centers and schools, including the district hall, NationalTainanIndustrialHigh School, the Affiliated Senior High School of National University of Tainan, and the Artillery & Missile School of Army.

3.Zhonghua Road

  Zhonghua Road connects to Zhongzheng South Road in the north and to Zhonghua East Road in the south. It extends from Provincial Highway 1 (Zhongzheng South Road) as a major path that crosses the district. In addition to aforementioned Zhongzheng South (North) Road, it connects to the terminal of Provincial Highway 19 in the north to allow access to the coastal areas. Southbound, the road leads to the east side of TainanCity and areas along the Provincial Highway in the KaohsiungCity. There are commercial buildings along the way and it is considered the commercial area of the district.

4.Yongda Road

  Yongda road begins from Provincial Highway 1 in the north and connects to Zhongzheng Road of the Rende District in the south. Aside from serving as a major connector route to Rende District, it is also an important alternative path to the Yong Kang and Tainan (Rende) interchanges to the freeway.

5.Fuxing Road (Dawan Road)

  This road is part of County Highway 180. It extends from the eastern tip of Tainan city's Xiaodong Road, heads eastwards from the Yong Kang District Zhongxiao Road, cuts through the tunnel of National Freeway No.1 and connects to Dawan Road. Continuing eastwards, it enters the Dawan areas and further leads to the Xinhua District. As the Kun Shan University of Technology is located at Dawan Road and the residential development in the Dawan area is rather prosperous, Fusing Road is therefore a major connector path for regular commuter traffic to schools and to offices in TainanCity.


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