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District Organization


  On September 1st, 2009, the Ministry of Interior announced “Tainan County/City Merger and Restructuring Plan”. On December 25th, 2010, TainanCounty and TainanCity were officially merged into “TainanCity”, whereas YongKangCity was restructured as Yong Kang District, TainanCity. The district is organized into 39 villages and 1,288 neighborhoods.

  Under orders of Tainan City Mayor and supervision of Civil Affairs Bureau Director, Yong Kang District Executive is responsible for supervise district administration and the subordinate staff. The Deputy Executive is responsible for assisting the Executive to handle district affairs. The Chief Secretary works to manage confidential documents, mobilization, negotiation and editing, etc. There are also section chiefs (directors), secretaries, supervisors, officers, veterinarians, technical specialists, village officers, junior technical specialists, assistants, clerks, and associate clerks working for the Yong Kang District.

  There are 6 sections and three offices in the district hall: Civil Affairs Section, Social Welfare Section, Construction Section, City Development Section, Culture Section, Administration Section, Human Resources Office, Accounting Office, and Government Ethics Office. There are also village offices and the mediation committee under the Civil Affairs Section that work on their designated tasks to benefit the community

City Oraganization

Civil AffairsSection

Manages tasks such as autonomous administration, election, community administration, management of community centers, indigenous and Hakka people related affairs, military service affairs, religion and custom affairs, civil defense, disaster reduction, land administration, the 37.5% arable land rental reduction, environmental sanitation management, mortuary services, and other tasks related to civil affairs.

Mediation Committee

The Yong Kang Mediation Committee is formed by a group of reputable and trusted locals with a strong sense of justice. In the case of a dispute, you are welcome to request the committee’s assistance by visiting the mediation committee at the District Hall (within the Civil Affairs Section) or consult the committee in the neighboring areas. In addition to hosting mediation meetings, weekly mediation coordinated by one (or more) committee member(s) can also be held every Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 5 pm, upon agreement by both parties involved in the dispute. The mediation meetings are meant to serve the same function as a court, through which the parties in dispute can save money and time, and thereby promote peace and unity of the neighborhood.

TEL: (06)201-0308 ext. 301, 302

Social Welfare Section
Manages tasks such as general community administration, community assistance, community welfare, community development, medical stipend, emergency assistance and aid, mid- or low-income family assistance, public health care, counseling of civic organizations, shelter assistance for the homeless, community concern and care, charity business, housing and settlement for elderly without children and victims, labor administration, job placement, and other tasks related to social welfare.

Construction Section

Manages tasks such as civil construction, traffic administration, road marking, establishment of traffic signs, maintenance of roads, farm-roads and canals, road lamp management, hydraulic engineering, pumping station, urban sewer system, small and medium drainage facilities, building violation inspection and reporting, parking management, and other tasks related to public construction. .
City Development Section
Manages tasks such as urban planning, non-urban land use planning, land acquisition, public housing administration, community development, large and neighborhood parks beautification and management, street tree management, industrial survey and analysis, industrial development and promotion, promotion of agriculture, husbandry, fishing and forestry affairs, pesticide management, agriculture survey, farmland consolidation, animal disease control, animal protection, livestock administration, ecological conservation, water and soil conservation, industry and commerce management, undocumented factory counseling, consumer protection, fair trade, public utility and other tasks related to fundamental economic planning and development.


Manages tasks such as promotion of population policy and immigrant assistance and guidance, elementary education, national sports, maintenance and management of stadiums, festivals and events, historical collection and archives, culture and arts, community arts and culture, tourism promotion, management of library and information, maintenance of cultural rooms, social education and lifelong learning, cultural exhibitions and performances, cultural heritage and other tasks related to culture. No.88, Yongda 2nd Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (FormerYongKangCitySocialEducationCenter)

TEL: (06)202-9666


Manages tasks such as documentation, general affairs, property management, management of maintenance and temporary workers, office spaces, procurement, cashier, finance, seal, documents, legal regulations, mediation, government compensations, appeals, research and development, supervision and evaluation, public relations, information management, administrative reform, citizen services, and other tasks outside of other sections/offices.
Human Resources Office
In charge of tasks related to human resources management.
Accounting Office
Manage tasks related to budget, accounting and statistics.
Government Ethics Office
A Government Ethics Office is established in the District Hall with one chief and officer. The Government Ethics Office is responsible for handling discipline-related tasks and administration.
通過AA檢測等級無障礙網頁檢測 710050 No.655, Zhongshan S. Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 886-6-201-0308