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City Development Plans  Previously, the district was called YongKangCity under TainanCounty. After the Tainan County/City Merger and Restructuring Plan was initiated on December 25th, 2010, the district was restructured as the Yong Kang District, TainanCity. The Yong Kang District (City) is a young and newly developed city. It was raised to the status of county-controlled city in 1993 when the population exceeded 150,000. The population and population density of the city both top TainanCity charts.

  The city development plans for the Yong Kang District began with the reconfiguration of the Liujiading urban area in 1972. Later in 1978 and 1979, the Yong Kang interchange special district plan, Yong Kang Liujiading urban plan, and Yong Kang Sifenzi urban plan were announced, and 96% of all district land was included in various urban plans.

  Among these plans, the Yong Kang interchange special district plan takes up 3,867.63 hectares with an estimated population of 151,200. The Yong Kang Liujiading (Sifenzi area) urban plan takes up 184.52 hectares with an estimated population of 27,700. The Yong Kang Liujiading (Liujiading area) plan takes up 74.25 hectares with an estimated population of 6500. The Liujiading city reconfiguration area is 97.61 hectares with an estimated population of 13,000. The total land area of the four plans is 4,224.01 hectares (including parts of RendeTownship) and the total estimated population is 198,400.  The current population in the city planning districts has already reached 200,000. In the land division by usage per city planning, 1,075.02 hectares are used as a residential area, 39.96 hectares as a commercial area, 833.29 hectares as an industrial area, 936.71 hectares as public facilities, and 1293.13 hectares as agricultural land.

  The development of the Yong Kang District is deeply influenced by the traffic dynamics. With the National Freeway No.1 passing through the center of YongKangCity and the vertical-crossing railroad cutting through the north side of the Yong Kang District, there are several points of junctions for city development.

  In terms of spatial distribution, the area north of the railway is mainly the industrial area. The Yong Kang District has mainly mid- to small-sized businesses, and the major industries are associated with fabricated metal products manufacturing and machinery and equipment repairing. The Provincial Highway No. 1 is the major connecting route.

  The business developments in the district take place mostly along the main traffic routes, of which the areas along Zhonghua Road is the most prosperous. Local commercial circles are also formed in the areas nearby the KunShanUniversity, Tainan Woman's College of Arts and Technology, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and ChiMeiMedicalCenter, for example.

  As for residential developments, the residential communities developed along Chunghua Road, Yongda Road, Fuguo Road, and Dawan Road.

  Because the overall development plan of Tainan City positions Yong Kang City as the second capital of the Tainan metropolitan area and the R&D center of the manufacturing industry in southern Taiwan, the configuration of city planning mainly aims at satisfying the needs of industrial development and residential functions. This particular position is also the current development status of the Yong Kang District.
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