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After the political restoration, the most severe recorded earthquake was the Sinhua quake which occurred at 6:47, on December 5, 1946.  The Richter reading at the city was 6.  From the southeast of Yanhang to Erwang, the houses along the east side of the line collapsed toward the east and the ones along the west side collapsed toward the west.  There were 34 deaths and 110 severe injuries.  1036 homes were completely demolished, and 1171 homes were damaged.   1365 non-residential buildings were fully demolished, and 113 non-residential buildings were damaged.  Villages such as Yanhang were virtually destroyed.  Another major disaster was the Tainan quake, which happened on January 18, 1964.  The quake center was at the Lingtou mountain near Guan-Zi-Ling, and the Richter reading at the city was 5.  The damages were great.  Although there were no detailed stats, the losses were less severe than those of the Sinhua earthquake.

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