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1. Zheng Cheng-Gong Memorial Tomb (Location: on Guosheng Street, Yanchou village of Yong Kang city)
2. Ancient well of the narrow alley (Location: behind the Ling-xiao temple of the city)
    [No. 8, Lane 103, section 2 , Yongda road, Kunshan Village.  Tel: 2728329]
3. Dragon Eye Well of Bao-Sheng Temple (Location: next to the Bao-sheng temple of the city)
    [No. 65, Zhongshan N. Road, Yong Kang village.  Tel: 2035854]
4. Yam house of Guang-Shing Temple (Location: at the General Temple of the city)  
    [No.60, Lane 19, Sishi Road, Sishi village.  Tel: 2711458]
5. Shi-Ma-Deng (location: behind the Matsu temple)
    [No. 690, Zhongzheng S. Road, Yanhang village.  Tel: 2532323]
6. Stone pots, stone urn, and wheeled carriages (location: inside the Bao-Ning temple of the city)
     [No. 78, Zhouwei Street, Yanchou village.  Tel: 2536681]
7. Guanghu Temple (No. 286, Dawan Road, Dawan village.  Tel: 2714964)
8. San-Lao-Ye Temple (No. 96, Niaosong 1st street , Niaosong village.  Tel: 2535047)
9. Yu-Di Temple (No. 27, Yanhang Road, Yanchou village.  Tel: 2541432)
10. Erwang Temple (No.395, Yong-Er Street, Erwang village. Tel: 2333215)
11. Kai-Tian Temple (No. 180, Yule Street, Wanghang village.  Tel: 2328901)
12. Sankan store-  Inner dike – Old park of Taiwan Sugar
13. Yong Kang train station
14. Yunshan Farm
15.  Water pump station of Dapai, Yong Kang
16. Institute of Social Education
17. Incinerator
18. Military cemetery of Tainan county and heritage homes
19. The Army Shell and Missile School

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