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The farm is located on the block between Shing-guo street and Fuguo First Road.  The total area is about 9 hectares, and the actual farm land takes up a part of it.  The area is filled with lush trees with shady groves.  There are lots of fruit trees, coconut trees, and yolk-peach trees.  The landscape preserves the former hillside appearance of the old Yong Kang city.   The geography is diverse with natural hills and ponds.  With the layers of scenic beauty, the place feels like a sanctuary.

During the days when former president Chiang, Ching-Kuo was in office, the former farm owner was a friend of the presidents.  The former president stayed at the farm several times during his visits down south.

During the 1997 city plan reconfiguration, the farm was designated as park land (level three of public usage) and sports arena land (level two of sports usage).  Currently, the county government is working on the planning and design of the park and is in the first stage of landscape construction.  It is estimated that the park will be open to the public in the middle of this year.

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