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Located at the Erwang area and taking up about 80 hectares, the school has been in the city since it moved here in 1978.  It is the cradle where national gunman, experts, and technologies of missile and artillery are nurtured.

Land development is currently taking place in the Daciao land acquisition region on the west side of the school.  The county government is also proposing a Yong Kang creative design park project.

In collaboration with the moving plans of the school, the county government is currently working on the overall configuration and revision of city planning.  The government hopes to integrate the nearby creative design park to form a high-end environment for the living and production of “creative R&D with leisure living” concept.  The project is aimed to facilitate the industrial transition of the city.

Institute of Social Education
The Institute of Social Education was formerly the Yong Kang City Public Library, which was established in July, 1987.  The original location was behind the city hall.  Due to the rapid population increase over the decade, the library was not able to accommodate the public; therefore, the local government requested for library rebuilding funds from the superior units.  The construction of the Institute of Social Education began in 1998, and upon approval of the representative committee, the “Yong Kang City Public Library” was renamed as the “Yong Kang City Institute of Social Education.”  The library relocated in September 2001, and the institute was officially opened.  Aside from maintaining the original functions of the library, the existing institute has additional performance spaces and seminar rooms.  It is the government's wish that the improved space and operation of the library would offer a suitable place for people to relax, read, and learn, thereby expanding the range of local services.
二、The Yong Kang City Institute of Social Education is one of the few city or county level libraries that is equipped with performance spaces and public art landscaping.  The usage of the various levels are as follows:

1. Basement:  two levels with a total area of 13736.44m2
Purpose: parking and machinery room (can accommodate approximately 400 cars and 100 scooters)
2. First floor: total area of 2289.86 m2  (694 Ping)
Functions: Reading area, office, conference room(can accommodate 200 people), foyer (can be used for exhibitions and meetings)
3. Second floor: total area of 1938.61 m2 (587 Ping)
Functions: Exhibition halls (2 rooms), performance hall (elevated from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor)(can accommodate 1000 people).
4. Third floor: total area of 1479.57m2 (448 Ping)
Function: Aboriginal center of Tainan county, Information classrooms (42 computers), Seminar rooms (2 rooms, each with a 30 people capacity)
5. Fourth floor: total area of 1707.56m2 (517 Ping)
Function: Children's reading room, study rooms (2 rooms with a total capacity of 120 people), Seminar rooms (2 rooms, each with a 30 people capacity), and the volunteers office.
6. Fifth floor: total area of 1271.28m2 (385 Ping)
Functions: Library archive, editing room, and conference room
Chronology of “Yong Kang Incinerator”

March 1997:  first auction, resulting in an invalid bid
December 30, 1997: second auction, resulting in a failed bid
November 10, 1998: contracting completed with the German business Steinmuller and Taiwan Dahin Corporation jointly winning the bid.  The budget for the project was NT$3,567,000,000.
September 1999: Taiwan Dahin Corporation went into bankruptcy
December 12, 1999: the start-of-construction ceremony
May 15, 2000: the official start of construction
July 2002: German business Steinmuller encountered financial crisis and went into bankruptcy.  The construction of the incinerator was suspended.
September 24, 2003: Chinese Petroleum Corporation wins the bid and signs contract with the Environmental Protection Administration.  The construction of the Yong Kang incinerator resumes, and the bid total is NT$1,845,000,000.
*    From the planning to the construction of the Yong Kang incinerator, the project went through the hands of 5 different heads of the Environmental Protection Administration, including Chang, Lung-Sheng, Tsai Hsung-hsiung, Lin Jun-yi, Hau Lung-bin,  and the current bureau administer Chang Juu-en.

Tainan Military Memorial of Patriotic Souls 
The Tainan Military Memorial of Patriotic Souls (originally called the Military Cemetray) was formerly located at the SongJiao Village of GuanMiao Town.  As the original cemetery was deteriorating and showing leaks and wears, a new location was proposed in 1996 while the Erwang public cemetery of Yong Kang city was also going through revision plans.  Since the new location was nearby Tainan city and access to the place was convenient, the families of the deceased also accepted the relocation plan  Upon negotiation and agreement with the Yong Kang city hall, the plan was submitted to the provincial and central government for approval.  Joint construction contracts were signed immediately after the issuing of government approval.

On March 29 (Youth day) and September 3 (Soldier's Day) of each year, the Tainan County Government hosts the spring and autumn national memorial ceremonies.  Led by the county magistrate, the leaders of various units, the locals, troops, and schools attend the ceremony along with the families of the deceased.  The ceremony is simple and solemn in honour of the patriotic souls.

  Yong Kang City Folk Cultures and Festivals:
1. Puppet Show:      Hong-Shing Court Puppet Theatre        Tel: 2308916
                                    Zeng Zhi-Peng Puppet Theatre              Tel: 2719928
                                   Guo-Feng Court Puppet Troup                Tel: 2712507

2. Song-Jiang Parade:  The original purpose of the parade is to provide training for bodily physique and sense of community unity and mutual safeguard against thieves.  With the improvement of community safety, it gradually loses its defense purpose.  The parade now only exercises and performs at temple festivals and major events.

3. Yangcun Beiguan Traditional Music Society:  Contact person: Liu Tian-Lu (Tel: 2325781; address: No. 48, Longtan street, Longtan village, Yong Kang city.)

4. Ci-Hui Lion Dance Troupe:  formed by the students in Ci-Hui class of Yung-Jen Junior high school.  (Contact person: Leader Hsieh, Counsellor Office.  Tel: 3122341)

5. Cake-Carrying Festival: This is a special tribal custom.  Whenever a member of the tribe gets married, the person enters the “Prosperity” group which pays tribute to the guardian deity of General Hsieh until they have reached the age of 60. On the lunar January 20th of each year, which is the birthday of the General, all group members who have gained a son in the past year must prepare live stock offerings, new clothes and hats, 2 pairs of new shoes, and enough fruit cakes to cater the whole group.  The offerings would be carried to the General Hsieh shrine to request divine protection of the baby boy's safety.  After the ceremony, the tribal leader will lead the cake contributors to hand out the fruit cakes to various members of the group as a gesture of sharing their joy of having a new son.  There are also Senior Cakes given to retired members who are over the age of 60 as a good wish for long life and prosperity.  Currently, there are only 4 tribes – Yam house, Sishi, Shinzhuangzi, and Lunziding— actually participating in the cake carrying festival. (General Temple is located at No.60, Lane 19, Sishi Road, Sishi village.  Tel: 2711458)

6. “Red Turtle Loaf” carrying festival:  Back in the days of agricultural society, it was a tradition that locals of the Wuchu area who had gained a son during the past year would carry “red turtle loaf” (a kind of pastry) to the Sanqian temple in Wu-Zhu to pray for safety.  Afterwards, the contributor would send the loaves to various participants of the year to announce and share their joy.  (Wu-Chu San-qian Temple is located at No.96, Wu-zhu north  Street, Wu-zhu neighborhood.  Tel: 2016381)

Famous Traditional Delicacies 

1.  Peanut candy – next to the Guang-Hu Temple in Dawan
2. Meat Cake – Three-way intersection at the end of Guangsheng Street and Sishi Road. 
    (Hwang Shi-zhi Meat Cake Snack Shop, 2715323)
3. Savory Patties and Sticky Rice – inside the Dawan market
4. Sausages – inside the Dawan market
5. Moist cakes – Wang Ji-sheng Fruit cakes (No. 318, Fuchiang Rd Sec. 1.  2712574)

Commercial and Industrial Development:
There are currently about 12727 registered businesses and 2721 registered factories in Yong Kang city.  This includes the companies in the fully facilitated Yong Kang industrial area, the Asia-Pacific industrial area, the President Corporation, the Dachan Greatwall Group, Catcher Technology, Ton Yi Industrial Corporation, and others.  For everyday shopping and grocery, there are Carrefour, Geant, and numerous other large outlets in the city.  In term of traffic and transportation, courier services and shipping companies are available throughout the city.  There are approximately 22 financial institutes. 

Education & Culture:
There are 11 elementary schools in the city:  Yong Kang, Dawan, Sancun, Fusing, Longtan, Sishi, Daciao, Kunshan, Wuwan, Yungshin, and Shengli.  The high schools are: Yong Kang, Yung Jen, Da Ciao, and the Tainan county Dawan Senior high school (with a junior high school division), the Affiliated Senior High school of National Tainan Teachers College, the National Tainan Industrial Vocational High School.  In addition to these, there are also post-secondary institutes such as the Tainan Women's College of Arts & Technology, the Kun Shan and Southern Taiwan University of Technology which help to build a stronger education in the city and foster countless excellent students.  These schools are truly the pride of Yong Kang.

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